Working on CSS and Documentation


We’re using LESS (no direct editing of CSS). If you’d like to contribute to the design efforts:

Before first run, and only once, you’ll need:

git submodule init
git submodule update

We recommend to use nvm to install the correct node version (so that all the developers get consistent css results):

install nvm, see:
then, run:
$ cd OpenKnesset
OpenKnesset$ nvm install

If you encounter problems using nvm, you can install the node another way, you need node in the version specified in .nvmrc file

Install less using the version specified in package.json:

$ cd OpenKnesset
OpenKnesset$ nvm use
OpenKnesset$ npm install

Make your changes to the files in the less directory, and compile (assuming you’re in the Open-Knesset directory):

$ cd OpenKnsset
OpenKnesset$ nvm use
OpenKnesset$ npm run less


Our documentation is written with Sphinx, install it with the virtualenv activated:

pip install sphinx

Edit the relevant docs under the docs directory, and once done, run make html. You’ll have the resulting documentation in build/html directory.

We have 2 documentation directories:

  • api — API and Embedding for 3rd party apps/services developers
  • devel — Developer guide for the OpenKnesset project (TBD)

e.g: To work on the devel docs, edit the files under docs/devel/source, once ready to build:

cd docs/devel
make html

You’ll have the result under: