Initial Testing, Development DB & Server

After you’ve installed the base environment, it’s time to run the tests and get an initial development db.


  • Linux users: you can replace python with ./ for less typing
  • Run the commands from the Open-Knesset directory, with the virtualenv activated.
  • If you used the worksapce, you should run the following command to get you in the write directory: cd oknesset/Open-Knesset/ && . ../bin/activate

Running Tests

cd Open-Knesset
python test

Download the Development DB

Download and extract or dev.db.bz2 (bz2 is smaller). After unpacking, place dev.db in the `Open-Knesset` directory.

On (or similar linux environment) you can write the following code:


To make sure everything is up to date, run the database schema migrations:

python migrate

You might want to create your own superuser:

On the environment there is a superuser preconfigured: admin / 123456

python createsuperuser

Running the Development server

To run the development server:

python runserver

Once done, you can access it with your browser via http://localhost:8000 .

Using the debug toolbar

If you’ve enabled the debug toolbar, you should see it’s icon on the top right corner of the page:


Clicking on it will reveal a sidebar which will expose lots of info about the generated page (templates used, context variables, SQL queries etc.).

We’re cool ? Time for some Development Workflow.